Tuesday, January 7, 2014

100,000 reads for Mana and counting!

I've been over at Wattpad and it's so interesting interacting with so many people! In the short time that Mana has been on there, it managed to hit 100,000 reads--and I couldn't have done that without the support of the Wattpad community. I'm writing more than ever now!

I really never thought Mana would make it to this many reads...EVER, but it did! I'm forever grateful to the Wattpad community and because I really love it so much, I'm holding a giveaway that I'm sure readers would love! I'm giving away a Barnes & Noble $25 gift card and a few bookmarks I dedicated to Mana because I'm sure people have huge reading libraries :)

Mana is on the rise and it feels great.

So please enter and help me celebrate.

(That actually kinda rhymed)

***Posting Update***
The widget crashed and restart itself!  Thanks for your entries, but the giveaway will have to run at another time! Thanks for understanding.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A new niche--Wattpad

Hello again, everyone! It's been a while, so I apologize for seeming to go M.I.A

Get back here right now!

As a matter of fact, I've been doing some things that have made me feel very achieved, I'll just cut right to the chase.

A few years ago, when Mana was just a baby and publishing was a new term to me, I was on a website called Wattpad. If you don't know what this amazing site is it's a place for readers and writers alike to gather to do just about anything! You can write your own stories and read others, all for free! Anytime you want (with their Wattpad app)! What seems like ages ago, I began uploading chapters on there--just to see if anyone would be interested. (and when I say ages ago, I'm talking about the very first, not very well written version of Mana :/) I began receiving feedback and people actually supported it! It was amazing!

Then Mana was published about a year later, after going through the infamous query process, and I took Mana down. What a sad decision for me. I wasn't that I had to take it down, I just felt that I had finally attained my ultimate dream and I didn't feel a need for it anymore.

I had abandoned all the prospects and friends I made there...

That was back in 2011 before Mana was published in Fall 2012. A year or so after publishing, it weighed heavy on me that even after all that time, I still hadn't found an audience; Mana was just collecting dust. Wattpad came across my mind again. Not just for exposure, but for that really amazing feeling people get when they connect with their audience. I figured why not, and began uploading chapters of Mana. It garnered 300 reads after a week of being up there and I felt a smile cross my face. I was reaching people, more importantly my audience.

Wattpad has this statement:
"Our readers spend over 2 billion minutes on Wattpad every month. Every minute Wattpad connects more than 10,000 readers with a new story from some of the thousands that are being added to our library each day. Readers can collect stories into reading lists, vote for their favourites, and share and comment with friends and writers. Wattpad is also available as an iOS and Android app, and over 70% of our readers enjoy their stories using a mobile device, even when offline!"

Most of these readers are young adults, so this place is nothing more than perfect for Mana and I! After the first week, a rare opportunity was presented to me. Wattpad wanted me as a feature author and in just two days of accepting, my reads went from 300 to 4,500. I've gotten many votes as well, but the most important part to me is I get that chance to interact with who is reading, without any pressure of asking for reviews in the standard author world. I'm sure this exposure has gained me sales, but that pales in comparison to finally building a platform!

Interesting things are happening over at Wattpad and I have been there faithfully. Do you Wattpad? Follow me on my adventures @AshTensei and give Mana a read, for free! If you write young adult or read it, this is probably where you want to be. I will pop in at the blog, but I'm guaranteed you will find me on Wattpad :)

Mana on Wattpad
Profile on Wattpad

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I tried Grammarly because aliens get all the good editing!

That's right...ALIENS!! With their plentiful amount of technology, the could probably spot and fix an error the second it is made.

Unfortunately, I am human prone to make mistakes and as a writer, I'm probably going to make a ton more. But I guess things just got a little better for this little writer. I tried grammar check free (Grammarly) risk free recently and I thought I should let all of you know about my experience with it. Some writers shouldn't be editors...I know I'm one of them. I reluctantly came across this program that "helps' writers with the things we can't catch with our eyes.

I thought it was like others I have tried, the ones that tell you your character names are damaging to the story. Writers, you know what I'm talking about. This program doesn't do that. It checks EVERYTHING, and boy do I mean everything. It finds discrepancies and highlights them to let you know exactly which sentence or phrase is making your writing a little dull. After using it, I believe I became a little better.

I'd give it a try if you are serious about bettering your writing and possibly your craft. Maybe we don't have alien technology to make us immaculate writers, but Grammarly has tools to make us better than we were yesterday! If you've tried it, please share your experience with it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

As a reader...

I've been writing books one and two for The Mana Saga for about 3 years now and if there was anything I've learned, it was that breaks are most definitely needed! As a writer, it's a journey to create the most well-polished piece of work that you can think of, then slave over editing, worry about promotion, then finally publish the most awesome book that has ever graced book history.


Good luck with that (seriously all good intentions here). After writing for a while, you learn that stepping back from the book is one of the best things you can do and maybe go back to it later with new and fresh ideas. Yeah...we've all heard that one. For some people it works and for others......yeah.

In preparation for the upcoming editing of Golden Darkness, I decided to take a slightly different approach that I haven't necessarily done before. So many writers end up focusing on the words or the word count or what pretty words to write down instead of focusing on the story. Not everything will make sense to the reader and that's okay. Your story won't be perfect to everyone, so quit being a writer and be a reader of your own work.

I'm doing that this time around and it's pretty awesome. I am ignoring the grammar and mechanics while I read through Golden Darkness and instead of seeing the promotion and editing, I'm really getting a look into the actual story.

So...become a reader, writers. Take off the hawk-eye when looking at your book, and others for that matter. Connect the story instead of the words and you'll have a much better reading experience!